Share WiFi with neighbours and the community. Get paid.

WiFi mining with a higher purpose

4.1 Billion people do not have an Internet connection, or it is of a poor quality. Ammbr is designed to extend the Internet, and its benefits, to these people using viral profit motives.

What is Ammbr?

Ammbr is a wireless mesh network built on blockchain.
Bandwidth is traded 24/7 in an autonomous market.

The Ammbr mesh WiFi

Run an Ammbr device and trade connectivity with your
neighbors or passersby. Earn a profit.

Ammbr mesh WiFi Ammbr mesh WiFi
WiFi base station
IoT module - sub 1Ghz (ZigBee, Dash 7)
High frequency, High speed
Point to multipoint (LTE-U etc)
Blockchain resource module (Memory, CPU & Storage)

Load Ammbr on your phone or laptop and enjoy the
same connection you would at home, anywhere within
range of an Ammbr signal.

App Screens

Innovative technology

Full spectrum mesh semiconductor

Increase the range of your WiFi access point while providing built in support for a multitude of protocols and spectrum. Full spectrum mesh is WiFi2

Proof of Velocity semiconductor

Securely underpins the blockchain that carries the transactional history of the Ammbr marketplace and economy in a chip so power efficient, it can be used in mobile applications.

6 point beam forming WiFi antenna

Optimizes your connection by realtime beam forming which concentrates signal power in the precise direction needed to increase range & throughput.

The Ammbr Timeline

Building Out A Global Blockchain Enabled
Financial and Telecommunications Network

2016 R&D Phase
Q3 2017Capitalization
2019Phase 1
2020 Phase 2
2021 Phase 3




Derick Smith

Derick Smith

Derick is an IT and business generalist, with a strong background in payment systems and telecommunications. He currently serves as CEO to two companies in the fields of blockchain and digital identity.

Benny Pang

Benny Pang

Benny Pang was the chief counsel at Tencent Holdings Limited from 2004 to 2010. and now runs his own legal firm, having completed over 100, and participated in, more than 120 Hong Kong initial public offerings.

Rakesh Rajagopal

Rakesh Rajagopal

Career banker, commodity trader, rainmaker and an early stage Bitcoin investor, who saw the strategic vision of disruptions using blockchain technology, he holds executive positions in a blockchain company and a digital identity company.

Jim Lanshe

Jim Lanshe

Jim Lanshe has been actively involved in law and investment management for over twenty-five years including as the chief executive of a fund services company administering over six billion dollars in fund assets. Currently, he also serves as the non-executive Chairman of Oppenheimer Resources SA, Luxembourg.

Kaustuv Ghosh

Kaustuv Ghosh

Kaustuv has worked across different network-related industries for over 20 years, leading product, marketing, business and country operations. Successful launches and rollouts in digital news, FM Radio, pollution monitoring networks, mobile commerce and remittances.

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